First steps: Introducing my part on our blog soulfood

I am going to have a more general perspective on the  soulfood blog. I will have a look on common consumer   behavior concerning food.

As everybody has his own area of interest in our blog “Soulfood” I have mine. As you certainly guessed everything will focus on food and what is linked to it.

My posts will mainly treat all these uncomfortable truths  we all sometimes have heard of or suspect but never deeply think about because it´s just uncomfortable.

Food doesn´t just feeds our bodies, but also our souls. As human beings we have a great awareness of what is right or wrong – of what is tolerable. Our common sense and our conscience guide us.

Do we get what we want, do  we know what we get?

My posts will criticize common consumption behavior und remind you of what economic competition in the nutrition business can lead to.

Marketing versus reality, corporate social responsibility versus profitability, quality versus mass production, what necessary evil do we have to take facing a population of 7 bn people… just to mention a few thoughts that just came to my mind.

Admittedly I also expect myself to change my consumer behavior as the blogging and my research progresses. I also am a little afraid about what I´m going to find out…

But what the heck…

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3 thoughts on “First steps: Introducing my part on our blog soulfood

  1. Hey Timur,

    I like your approach to this blog even though I don’t think I can read it and later enjoy my fast food from the street. 😀
    Looking forward to some scandals…


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