My dream in Bubbles …

How I got Inspiration
Yesterday evening, when I was trying out a new Bubble Tea shop in Prenzlauer Berg with a few friends, enjoying a super delicious Bubble soya milk Tea with passion fruit flavour and yoghurt bubbles and tapioka pearls, I got the great inspiration for this blog entry.
In the following, I am going to introduce you to an extraordinary drink which has become a popular beverage in the recent years: Bubble Tea!

Bubble Tea?! 

Some might find it strange, ones love it, others detest it, a few even become addicted to it. Browsing through different blogs, I could see how fashionable this drink from Asia has become, especially among the younger generations. Above all, I have noticed that Bubble Tea was completely adopted into the American Society.

Daniella Mohazab, a student from Piedmont High School in California, for example, has recently revealed her big love for Bubble Tea and notes that even her school is offering this drink:

Bubble Tea comes from Taiwan and has become a cult drink world wide

“Sitting in class, listening to the morning announcements, I hear that they will be serving bubble tea at lunch (…) I love that tea with its tapioca pearls more than anything sold at Piedmont High School’s Piper Café.“

Bubble Tea (also known as Boba or Pearl Tea), originally from Taiwan, is a warm or cold drink of tea infused with fruit flavouring, shaken to produce bubbles, and served over tapioca pearls in a clear cup. It is usually drunk through a very wide straw.

Bubble Tea & me
During a trip to Vietnam in year 2001, I got to know Bubble Tea for the first time and right away, I could see the potential of this drink. Believe it or not- being a girl at the age of 11, I already tinkered with the idea to bring this extraordinary drink to Germany one day.


Splashing Dream
A dream disploding like a Bubble
About two years ago, I regretfully infered that the first bubble tea shop was going to open in Berlin. Then, I realized how my dream of being the first all of a sudden was disploding, just like the bubbles of the Bubble Tea…

Bubble Tea becomes a new Cult Drink

Even though I have disbanded the intention of starting a Bubble Tea business, I still considered it as MY initial business idea and therefore kept following its development. Just within 1-2 years, I could observe how more and more Bubble Tea shops suddenly popped up in this city. Bubble Tea has finally become a real cult drink and you can meanwhile afford it almost everywhere.

Bubble Tea creates new Business Opportunities

Whereas in year 2010 there was only 1 single Bubble Tea Shop in Berlin, today, 2 years later, approximately 30 Bubble Tea shops have come into existence.In Berlin, the first and most popular Bubble Tea shop is BoboQ in Charlottenburg. Meanwhile, BoboQ has estalished a well-known brand among the Bubble Tea fans and has started to expand its brand by franchising.Today, besides many franchised BoboQ branches, which by the way are mostly run by Vietnamese people, you can find many Bubble Tea shops with all kinds of different names, among others Babbel Tea, Pearl Tea, Mister Bubble, Dr. Bubble, Buddha Bubble, etc.


Bubble Tea- Toxic?
However, when I went to Vietnam last year and was longing to get some Bubble Tea, to my surprise my aunt was strictly against it. As far as I am concerned, there has been some scandalous occasions with this drink as supposedly toxic ingredients were found in Bubble Tea.Despite the awareness of the possible dangers, I still was not reluctant to it and kept drinking this delicious drink, of course with more caution and not as much as I would have drunk before. Finally, since I notice how profitable this business seems to be as so many friends of my parents suddenly want to open a Bubble Tea shop, I am getting more and more sceptical about this Asian cult drink.Now, this Blog entry has risen many open questions and opened up several topics I would like to explore further.


  • For the first time, I was trying a fresh bubble-banana-yoghurt -lassi with lychee juice and strawberry pearls, made out of fair trade products... absolutely yummy!What are the ingredients of Bubble Tea?
  • What exactly is Fair Trade and how is it possible to link Fair Trade with Bubble Tea if it indeed contains toxic ingredients?
  • How was the price for Bubble Tea set in Berlin? Is it sold at a fair price?
  • Since Bubble Tea could be dangerous for our health, what about the morality of this business?
  • How are the risks of launching a completely new product into the market?
  • Which Marketing Strategies were used to make the product becoming so popular during that short period of time?
  • In which sense did or does Social Media contribute to this success?


In my coming blog entries, I am going to approach these questions more profoundly, taking into consideration other actual blogs which are discussing these topics. If you are as curious as I am and want to know the answers to the questions above, just subscribe and stay tuned!


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About Lanny

Hi There! I am Lan Anh Nguyen ("Lanny"), 21, born and raised in lovely Berlin. As my name reveals, I am of Vietnamese origin. After finishing my A-levels in 2010, I went "back to my roots" and spent 5 months in Vietnam where I did an internship at the Sales&Marketing Department of VinaCapital Ltd., one of Vietnam's current leading investment funds. In addition, I worked at the German Center as a volunteer to introduce the German language and culture to Vietnamese people, and furthermore, I participated in a social program where I gave free English classes to children in need. This time period was very special to me, as I had the opportunity to get in touch with many different people from all walks of life- learned from experiences of big bosses to regular workers to orphans from the street. By getting to know their different goals, desires and perceptions of the world, I was able to hugely broaden my horizon and strengthen my own character. Besides my passion for music and cooking, I love traveling and have special interest in foreign languages and economics. Now I am a second semester student of the International Business Management program at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. As the international and intercultural content of this business study program perfectly matches my interests and talents, I am enjoying it a lot. Moreover, I am profoundly convinced that this program will enable me excellent opportunities for an international business career I am striving for in the future.

4 thoughts on “My dream in Bubbles …

  1. Hey Lanny!
    I read your topic and saw the picture and I knew right away what it would be about! I’m one of the many bubble tea lovers, so that’s why I had to read it 🙂
    I especially like the headings of your paragraphs, I think they are creative. I like it when I read a heading not exactly knowing what is meant, but then while reading starting to understand.
    I’m very interested in your next blogs especially about the toxic scandal since I did not know about that.

  2. Some good commercializing for bubble tea in this post! It makes me wanna try it! Would be interesting to hear more about the marketing strategies and what makes it to a cult drink. Why is it becoming so popular? Its’ exoticness?

    Nice disposition of the text too. Some spaces between the different paragraphs would make the text look even more inviting. Looking forward to read more on this topic.


  3. Thanks for your nice comments and suggestions Ly and Mattias. I am glad to see that you like my topic. That gives me additional confirmation and incentive to keep on exploring in this direction. I am looking forward to some more comments of you for my coming blog entries.

    See you soon 🙂

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