Promo vs Reality (Part I) – Meat

Last week when I visited a random fast food restaurant I had one of these big, juicy, tasty burgers. Enjoying my meal I started to think about what exactly I was eating. So I took the decision to research where meat for Hamburgers comes from and how mass production is handled in order to feed millions of customers every day.

Like anybody else I have heard a lot too about animal abusing in the “meat production process” but I never really faced up to it. So let’s do just a little video research to get some impressions…

Ok honestly, that is not what I expected.

So let’s do a little research to get deeper into the topic.

There is a very interesting organization – foodwatch – that takes a closer look on a bunch of marketing campaigns of different enterprises.

So for example on the let’s call it ‘happy-cows-on-green-meadow’ campaign by McDonald’s.



In their video they point out that reality may be far away from the image video.                                             The ‘quality scout’ who is supposed to proof the quality of the McDonald’s meat production is a paid lawyer and nobody else who is not directly linked to the business is allowed to even set foot on the farm. Foodwatch also believes that animals from other countries are delivered to this farm to be butchered there in order to avoid German farming guidelines and beat down the price even more?

This is obviously a case of consumer deception. There is so much stuff on the web that shows how cruel animals are treated that one could easily consider turn vegetarian.

I don’t want to have this stuff on our blog because it is just too tough.                                                         The so called ‘tethered housing’ is one of the very common farming method.                                                The animal or shell I say the ‘meat lump’ is tied up and forced to stand all its life long in a 1m*2m prison till it gets killed. This causes illness of the joints and unbelievable torture.

This is effectiveness of meat production pushed to the limit.

In an interview a McDonald’s manager was confronted with those facts. He underlined that the McDonald’s buys just about 4% of the beef production (in Germany), and therefore they wouldn’t have sufficient influence to really change the way of meat production.








We as consumers have the choice to either choose unethical decadence or reasonable modesty.

I don’t necessarily want you to become vegetarian but I urge YOU to think about what you eat and where it comes from. Is it possible to produce 1 kilo of meat according to the standards you would like to support by buing this product?

Maximizing profits, the basic guideline of every business has to be ignored when dignity of humans or animals is threatened.

Soon I’ll present you a supplementary post concerning the following question: who is responsible for a reasonable production: consumer, producer, government?



3 thoughts on “Promo vs Reality (Part I) – Meat

  1. hmm.. so far so good. Your video has really inspired my interest and made me curious about your coming articles. Is it true, that “alles ist so gut wie es schmeckt” as this commercials states? To be honest, I am quite sceptical!

  2. Dear Timur,

    a really interesting post. It caught my attention because I recently, well, actually just a few days ago, watched a video on YouTube “If slaughterhouses had glass walls everyone would be vegetarian” ( Before watching it, I want to warn you. It’s the most horrible video I have ever seen. Just to let you know. Because of this video I am actually considering to drastically reduce my meat consumption and have already done so the past few days.

    What I actually asked myself, and that would be well fitting to your topic, is if this is happening everywhere in the world to the same extent. Or have some countries, such as Germany, enforced laws to prevent that?

    Concerning the content and structuring of your post, I liked how you introduced the topic, as well as the two comparing videos.

    However, since you started your topic with “animal abuse”, I would have liked to read a little more about that. You kind of just scratched the surface even though I understand that some things might be too cruel to show. But to be honest, closing the eyes to the things that happen and being ignorant isn’t really helping either.But I know often it is easier to do so.

    Furthermore I’d suggest to take another company for an example, not only McDonald’s even though it was great of you to show that not everything that glitters is actually gold.

    Check out this link for example:
    They provide information on all kinds of animals used for meat production as well as showing some videos.

    Another thing which would be quite interesting to know is the benefit of not eating meat since many people are very sceptical about that. Eating no meat, e.g. loweres cholesterol, saves money, and you help reduce famine (yes, even that!). Check this out:

    I hope you find my suggestions helpful and can implement maybe some of them.
    Thanks again for that post. It actually reinforced my decision in cutting back meat consumption.

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