Outline: How I prepared for my upcoming blog entry

When starting to work on the blog entry due to the week of 20th december, I already had some ideas in mind: Initially, I thought of either keep on researching on marketing of bubble tea or, in accordance with the actual christmas season, searching for some nice baking recipes, or presenting some ethic issues to “feed our soul” (as our blog -not without good reason- is called “soul food”).

However, as I wanted to be up-to-date and get some more inspiration and alternatives for my next article, I followed my professor’s advice to type in our general topic “food” into google, searching for “blogs” of the “last 24 hours”.

Here’s a “quick and dirty” outline briefly explaining my process of preparing for the next blog entry, based on the method “ON THE TRANSPARENCY OF SEARCH, SOURCE AND ARGUMENT”:

  • First, I typed “food” on google, set “blogs” of “last 24 hours”
  • headline: Remember The Food and Meals You Love With Evernote immediately caught my eye, opened the link on my browser
  • opened a new link and another link on new taps to get more information
  • copied relevant links into evernote and took notes
  • Then, I saw another headline which also rose my interest: Food Industry Trends: Food Business Trends
  • I opened the link http://smallbiztrends.com/2011/12/10-food-trends-2012.html in a new browser, read through the coming food trends presented
  • especially liked the idea of the potato-, juice-, healthy eatings- and appetizer-business
  • opened a new browser for each of the business ideas, searched for more relevant information
  • widened/ narrowed my research accordingly, took notes, saved everything on Evernote
  • As I still can’t stop letting off the initial intention of referring to the current christmas season, I opened a new browser, searched for “christmas mentality” of last 7 days’ blogs on google.
  • when typing christmas into search bar, suggestion “christmas mental health” was given by google which I eventually took over
  • saw headlines: CHRISTMAS ISN’T ALWAYS COMFORTABLEHave A Healthy Merry Christmas and The Dark Side Of Christmasopened pages on new taps
  • copied links into Evernote, took notes of main statements

Voilà, there I got a bunch of different ideas and great research results and now, I am perfectly equipped for the next articles. Stay tuned for my upcoming blog posts! 😉

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About Lanny

Hi There! I am Lan Anh Nguyen ("Lanny"), 21, born and raised in lovely Berlin. As my name reveals, I am of Vietnamese origin. After finishing my A-levels in 2010, I went "back to my roots" and spent 5 months in Vietnam where I did an internship at the Sales&Marketing Department of VinaCapital Ltd., one of Vietnam's current leading investment funds. In addition, I worked at the German Center as a volunteer to introduce the German language and culture to Vietnamese people, and furthermore, I participated in a social program where I gave free English classes to children in need. This time period was very special to me, as I had the opportunity to get in touch with many different people from all walks of life- learned from experiences of big bosses to regular workers to orphans from the street. By getting to know their different goals, desires and perceptions of the world, I was able to hugely broaden my horizon and strengthen my own character. Besides my passion for music and cooking, I love traveling and have special interest in foreign languages and economics. Now I am a second semester student of the International Business Management program at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. As the international and intercultural content of this business study program perfectly matches my interests and talents, I am enjoying it a lot. Moreover, I am profoundly convinced that this program will enable me excellent opportunities for an international business career I am striving for in the future.

6 thoughts on “Outline: How I prepared for my upcoming blog entry

  1. excellent, Lanny: reading this post is lots of fun, plus I got to look up some of the links and walk, so to speak, through your footsteps. This is what I had in mind when I wrote that post: thanks so much for doing a good job and being the first! The one thing I don’t see much of here is what your argument or question or hypothesis was when you started, how it changed, and what it might be now. This is the “transformative” dimension we discussed, and I think an account of it will suggest both to you and the rest of us what is important to you and to the professional discussion. Maybe what you’ve done, setting yourself up, is enough for starters, but there is or should also be that our “interest” turns into “an argument”: ultimately, we are after not simply a description of our interests, but how others feel about these things and are discussing them. If not for this next post, maybe for the following? All the best, Dr.b!

    • Thanks a lot for your comment Dr.B.! I can see your point of criticism, maybe I have not been precise enough or just misunderstood the task. To clarify again- initial question: -what to write about next? Initial hypothesis: -writing about bubble tea marketing. How it changed: -> described process. Possible hypothesis now: -writing about 1. Evernote’s new Food App, 2. New Food Business Trends 2012, and 3. The Dark Side of Christmas/ Healthy Christmas.
      You will definitely find the “transformative” dimension in the final blog post itself, where “interests” will be turned into “arguments”. Since I thought this outline should only be a short description of my preparation process for the coming blog post, I decided to only mention the “interests” (hot potential topics) here. The “arguments” will follow in the next post where I will point out how others discuss these relevant topics. The concrete topic I have finally chosen for the coming post, for the time being, remains secret 🙂
      Kind regards, Lanny

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