An old industry with a touch of hi-tech.

Such an old business industry like a restaurant one, what can be new about it, the food, service, design – all of them are changed with the time but nevertheless stay the same as basis. We have already talked about new technologies, such as POS system, new hi-tech menus, that are used in order to make business more competitive and successful on the market, but what about the old basis things that I’ve already mentioned? What impact has the developing industry of modern technologies on them? These two questions were on my mind when I’ve started to think about my research for the following posts on our soulfood blog. From the very beginning I didn’t want to stick only to the technical side of restaurant business. Having looked for the information about hi-tech innovation in restaurant business, I’d come over a bunch of restaurants with interesting, unordinary and even astonishing design ( Also I came across the information about waterless one in Germany. When I saw the picture of Mars restaurant in NY I was wondering why I hadn’t waited for the opening hours to have some cocktail there. Actually I had dropped in, but at that time it had been closed, so I hadn’t been curious enough.

By reading all these different blogs a lot of questions were running through my mind, such as:

  • Is it so important for ordering meals to hold instead of a printed menu an iPad?
  • Is it really more entertaining to be occupied with the choice of the tablecloth having an interactive table as to make a life conversation who you are dining with?
  • What will happen with this industry if it becomes completely hi-tech? Are the waiters going to lose their jobs?
  • And of course the design and its influence on our taste perception can’t be left without any attention.
  • The last question in my post, I’m going to discuss will be what factors determines our choice of restaurants.

That are the main points I’m going to research further, to the first one I’ve already devoted the post, and hope to make our soulfod blog informative and interesting with the help of Lanny and Timur. May be it is another way around just to have these questions in my head and trying to find the appropriate information on the web as to come across one blog and then another and aha have a great idea what to write about. But every researcher finds his or in my case her own way what to write about, isn’t so?) Hope to keep you interested.


3 thoughts on “An old industry with a touch of hi-tech.

  1. Hey Irina,

    yes, you keep me interested. I like the way you enumerate the questions you will explore and especially the one “Is it really more entertaining to be occupied with the choice of the tablecloth having an interactive table as to make a life conversation who you are dining with?”

    For me and my familiy, the moment we were sitting around the table having meal was “holy”. It was a moment of respectful, adequate behaviour in which telephone calls, incoming sms and every other sort of disturbance was “forbidden” to save the personal communication of this daily meeting.
    The meals often were the only occassions to talk about the day, special experiences etc. as the schedules of the family members were very different from each other.
    I could never imagine being entertained by a high-tech gadget during meal because of this high value of being saint to me.
    Can other people have become so unassuming towards interpersonal relations and communication?

    I am really excited!
    Good job:)

  2. Thanks Viola for your comment!!! It is really supportive and shows me that I’m gonig the right direction in my research! I think it’s a common problem of our generation – we’re too interested with a hich-tech stuff that we forget the meaning of the real personal communication. Being every day in a hurry one of the most possible way to stay for a little and devote some time to the family is to go out for an eating. So you are quite right pointing out the uniting role of eating together.

  3. Hi Irina
    I totally agree to Viola. Very interesting questions you have raised here!
    Above all, the question of whether or not the waiters are going to lose their jobs in the future is of great interest to me. Being a waitress myself, I can just hardly imagine that they will be substituted by technology one day. At work, I always especially enjoy the nice conversations with my customers, advising them about the dishes, showing them how to use sticks, etc. So what will happen to all the personal interactions then?
    In my opinion, working as a waiter is one of the best opportunities for students like us to gain first work experience due to its time flexibility. However, there are also people who live on this occupation. Will they be forced by high technology to give up their jobs one day? Technology was invented to help human beings, not to harm them, wasn’t it?…

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