Thank God we have FOOD, thank God we have EVERNOTE!


Thank God we have Evernote

I am pretty sure that many of you will definitely agree on the fact that Evernote is the most gorgeous program to capture, organize, and find information across multiple platforms.

The first time I got to know this great application was at the very beginning of this semester, when my colleagues hold a nice presentation about “Increasing Productivity” in our Business Applications class. Following their recommendation, I gave Evernote a chance and immediately fell in love with it as Evernote makes my life so much easier. Today, I can only hardly imagine to live without having Evernote as a reliable companion that helps me to keep track of everything.


Evernote launched new Apps: "Food" and "Hello"

Hello Evernote Food

As I have already mentioned in my last week’s outline post, in the following I am going to introduce you to Evernote’s latest applications: “Food” and “Hello”, particularly focusing on Evernote’s Food app.

These new apps for iPhone and iPod touch devices were announced exactly 1 week ago at LeWeb conference in Paris, and are designed to help you remember what you ate, as well as the names of the people you are eating with.


Evernote + Food = Evernote Food

“Meals are a vehicle for conversations, romance, ideas, family, exploration, and so much more. Let’s give our meals the Evernote treatment they deserve.”

That’s how Evernote promotes it’s new application. As a matter of fact, “some of our most memorable moments happen around food”, and nutrition is not the only reason for us to take food everyday.

Therefore, Evernote has created a Food app which enables people to capture all aspects of a meal through pictures, location, text and photos. All information about the meal is automatically synchronized with Evernote which makes it easy to track down later. Visiting Robin Wauters‘s Blog, I got to know the applications of this Food app. :

Application of Evernote Food

In general, it provides us the opportunity to

  • save dishes and drinks we have recently had
  • build a catalog of custom recipes
  • review restaurants in the neighborhood or abroad
  • share food experiences
  • manage our diets

Although “Food” and “Hello” seem to be a great invention of Evernote, there are also other bloggers who are not that enthusiastic about these applications.

Amongst others,  remarks that “neither of these new apps are incredibly original”.

Furthermore, he argues that there are other services available which already have these functionalities, such as Facebook. According to Rowinski, both Evernote and Facebook strive to become the main place where users record their private life and share it with their friends. Finally, he resumes:

“if you are a heavy Evernote user, you will probably end up using Hello and Food. If not, there is probably no reason to do so.”

My Conclusion

In my opinion, “Food” and “Hello” are great applications suggesting Evernote to become a destination for all kind of notes- not only notes of your business or studies but also those of other spheres of life. As I am not such a huge fan of Facebook, but love Evernote, these applications really appeal to me. In addition to my existing Evernote account where almost all my uni stuff is stored, “Food” and “Hello” would be a perfect supplement. Moreover, I prefer to have one single place to collect all my notes, and Evernote with its new applications could be an excellent solution for me.

Now, what about you? Do you like the idea of “Food” and “Hello” or on the contrary think that these applications are just unnecessary? I am keen to know about your opinion, so please comment!

Personally- even though I cannot tell anything about the practice yet- the idea of these applications has already convinced me. Therefore, I will definitely try out these apps and I would recommend you to do likewise. Keep in mind that you can download them for free so you have nothing to lose.



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About Lanny

Hi There! I am Lan Anh Nguyen ("Lanny"), 21, born and raised in lovely Berlin. As my name reveals, I am of Vietnamese origin. After finishing my A-levels in 2010, I went "back to my roots" and spent 5 months in Vietnam where I did an internship at the Sales&Marketing Department of VinaCapital Ltd., one of Vietnam's current leading investment funds. In addition, I worked at the German Center as a volunteer to introduce the German language and culture to Vietnamese people, and furthermore, I participated in a social program where I gave free English classes to children in need. This time period was very special to me, as I had the opportunity to get in touch with many different people from all walks of life- learned from experiences of big bosses to regular workers to orphans from the street. By getting to know their different goals, desires and perceptions of the world, I was able to hugely broaden my horizon and strengthen my own character. Besides my passion for music and cooking, I love traveling and have special interest in foreign languages and economics. Now I am a second semester student of the International Business Management program at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. As the international and intercultural content of this business study program perfectly matches my interests and talents, I am enjoying it a lot. Moreover, I am profoundly convinced that this program will enable me excellent opportunities for an international business career I am striving for in the future.

12 thoughts on “Thank God we have FOOD, thank God we have EVERNOTE!

  1. Hi, Lanny, a great post, such a fresh piece of news!!! Like you I’ve started to explore evernote only at the beginning of this semester and find it very helpful.
    To my mind the integration with iphone can make evernote first of all more popular among people. Starting to use it like a fun some kids and teenagers may later integrate it in everyday study. Secondly, as we are talking here about restaurant business, it can be a really perfect promotion for not only restaurants, but cafes and bars as well and thus without investing at all.
    And considering your question, I’d like to underline that there is no such a product that can please everyone, so some people of course may find it unnecessary and even disturbed at the meal time, but a lot can use it as I’ve already mentioned to the great extend of their personal or business needs.

  2. Hi Lanny,

    i was attracted by post due to the title you gave it. it is an eyecatcher and the first thing i asked myself was, what has evernote got to do with food? Thank God you answered the question in this brilliant post that you have written.This is something that is new to me and I really want to try it.

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

  3. I am completely speechless….

    I never knew one could somehow link Evernote to Food!!!

    But you managed to make it a really interesting post. It is great how you displayed the two different perspectives…whether it is useful or not. I think that really depends on your interests which we could get an insight into when you stated you opinion in the last paragraph.

    It is a great blog post, especially because it is so unexpected…

  4. Hey Lanny

    When I read through the first paragraph of your blog post I was very skeptical to be honest.
    Food and Evernote, I couldn’t imagine how that can be interesting to me.

    Now I know how and the idea is not bad at all!
    I think the way you structured you post was really smart and I liked that you compared and contrasted different opinions with each other. The idea of keeping track of diets is great and maybe I try it out, however, definitely after Christmas! 😉

  5. Hey Lanny,
    as most of the others, I was curious about your post when I saw the title! Really interesting topic, I had never heard about. Like you, and probably a lot of us, I only started with Evernote this semester. I think it’s really useful for organizing all the uni stuff and other things, but I don’t really get the point of the food app. Every dinner with friends or family is unique and I won’t be able to repeat it in exactly the same way anyways. The only thing I might find useful about the app is to save recipes, but actually I don’t want to be playing around with my mobile or laptop while cooking or having dinner in a restaurant. So I guess it’s not the kind of thing I will be using in the near future. Nevertheless I believe that it can be interesting for quite some people, as Irina already mentioned things like that can never please everyone 😉
    Although I don’t think it’s very necessary, it was incredibly interesting to be informed about it! Thanks!

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