iPad in terms of profitability.

Having written about the tabletmenus and new iPad POS system in the restaurant business I thought I was comeletely done with this theme, an amazing piece of news, some pics and videos with examples of such restaurants, briefely discussed advantages and aha-done and nothing interesting left to write about, but some comments and especially the discution with Viola have revieled that there are still a lot of question to talk and discuss. And one of them is it really profitable for a restaurant to install a tablet menu?Or it can simply ruin the business and maybe even the whole industry of eating out?

So I’ve started my detailed investigation and now glad to present its results.

The first thing coming to the mind simply with the thought of implementing of digital menu is of course its cost. The fact, pointed by many authors, is that there is no direct answer on this question.

On the one hand, a restaurant with an iPad menu gets a clear profit. They don’t need any more to reprint an ordinary menu many times a year investing one or two thousands of dollar in order to adjust some changes but need to pay once for the digital menu and make changes with one klick even thousands times a day. The other advantage is that since an iPad menu installed the restaurants don’t need to pay the POS system having it at the same time on the digital menu that is easily synchronized with all App products allowing to overview the continuously change of items. And it’s impossible to drop out the „WOW-effect“ of entering the restaurant and getting an iPad instead of printed menu. Of course we are all living in a world of hi-tech innovations but even now there are a lot of people who have neither iPad nor iphone. For example, personally me) isn’t it cool to get some experience and to find out some information about sort of wine or enjoy big pictures to every kind of dishes?!

On the other hand as Viola has pointed out in her comment, the eating out is for most people a family ritual. In most cases it irritates when someone uses a cell phone during the dinner. So the same can be true for the digital menus, when all the waiting time can be devoited to the playing with it. Hence going out people are more eager to feel themselves relaxed and not like sitting in the office. Talking about profitability of such digital menus, we don’t have to forget the fact that they are easily destroid, the screens can brake or crack or simply the ipad can be stolen. Then it seems to make more looses then profit.

And to continue my post I’d like to give the last point, that is of great importance for me personally. For me the feeling of holding a printed, well designed menu, the smell of paper can’t be replaced. We work adn study, chatting with our friends a lot and thus to order the meal using again a technical device?! No, I’d like my eyes relax. And of course no digital menu can’t replace the real personal communication with a waitress/waiter and their qualified tips (we are not discussing here the cases when the stuff is incompetent). But the role of waiteress/waiter is a topic for another post…


6 thoughts on “iPad in terms of profitability.

  1. Hey Irina
    as we were already talking about this a lot and I followed both the last and this post, I am happy about the progress you have done and the answers you have given.
    I like the way you evaluate the pro’s and con’s of these new kind of restaurants and that you offer your own opinion in the end I can absolutely agree with.
    I might give you some advice though: To simplify reading and get the text more structured, you could use sub-headlines and enumerate the pros and cons with bullet points.
    I’m pretty sure it directly offers a more attractive appearance of the text to gain readers.
    Also, you might integrate the links in some words to not have to list them at the end.
    If you might not now how to do this, feel free to ask me 🙂
    What I am further interested in is: Do you now whether the price level of restaurants using these high tech gadgets is higher than in “oldschool” restaurants? And if so, do you think it is necessary to finance the electronic staff?
    I would be glad to hear from you:)
    See you soon:)

  2. I already really liked your last post on the iPad as a menu and I can only agree with you. For many families it is very traditional to go to a restaurant and have a paper menu in their hand. I remember, when I was young and we went to a restaurant, my parents would always insist on not playing with my cell phone or iPod at the table. On the other hand, I think it is very innovative to use an iPad as the menu card. At the Hard Rock Café in Berlin, where I went just recently, they have something similar and I really liked it. I think, that it always depends on the type of restaurant, if it is adequate to use or not.

  3. This is another interesting post from you about all these digitaal devices being used in the restaurants. I have personally not got the chance to go to a restaurant that have ipads instead of the paper menus but I think I have to do that soon and just get the feeling.
    It was also great that you talked about the advantages and disadvantages of the ipad system in your post and that you gave your own opinion.

    The only disturbing thing as Viola just mentioned is you putting the links at the very end, in my opinion it is not that appealing, try and put the links in between your posts.

  4. hey Irina,
    interesting idea to talk about the implementation of devices with touchscreen into the food sector. But I think that it just an option for big food chains. The normal restaurant on the corner will probably have no changes in their cards for 2 years. And the printing cost will be the same probably as the cost to purchase a single device.
    Also it is incredible how many problems you can have with an easy operating IT-system. So what will you do if some of your devices are defective, WLAN or the synchronization server is down. I see huge problems for restaurants implementing such a system but still interesting.
    just my 2 cents,

  5. Thank guys for your nice commnets, I appreciate it very much. Viola and Nanny, thanks for your advice, I’ve already done it with the links in the next post)))It is really much more convenient.
    Lasse, a really good point to talk about. Writing this very post, I’ve already thought about the case if a child can accidentally drop it down, for example))) Not so great for a restaurant. And of course, I can’t but agree with your underlined problems considering the usage of iPads menus. But on the other hand, this kind of new technologies sooner or later come to our everyday life, so we will just have to choose what kind of restaurant to visit, modern with iPads instead of paper menus or an old one just for nostalgic feelings. Don’t you think that every innovation causes from the beginning a lot of problems?)

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