Facebook page for a restaurant.

In this blog I’ve promised you to report about  hi-tech innovations in restaurant business and tell what profit you can get by implementing them. But this post I’d like to devote the most interesting theme –marketing thus the last one is impossible to imagine without information technologies and business applications at all. Such kinds of advertising (let’s call it ads for short) like TV and radio is expensive for start-ups or small businesses and spreading the flyers is not enough to make your business really well-known, as well as it doesn’t give credibility to people at all.
So the best way is to promote your business according to Marc Brandau is social media strategies. This kind of strategies is going to be a trend in 2012. Millions of people are having their pages on facebook and chatting on twitter, spending a lot of time on the internet – so it makes more sense for the restaurant, café and franchise owners to attract these potential customers without investing a lot in promotion. Thus, Peter Riggs, vice president of brand development, Pita Pit considers that the best way of promotion is to talk with your customers in the most friendly way making them real friends of your own brand. Twitter and even better facebook give such an enormous opportunity. Just have a look on this very page, and you will get an idea what I’m talking about. ttps://www.facebook.com/ROCPitaPit
Such a page is very easy to control and to get in touch with potential clients, establishing new menus or presenting the customers some giftcurds or selling the invitation per facebook to some events or parties. You’ll get the casual and friendly contact with customers and will receive a lot of feedback to improve your own business strategy. On livebooking the author provides six pieces of advice to benefit from facebook. On the one hand they are really simple, but on the other one really important. So just in short some of them. First of all you have to set your goals, like in every business, and then according to it, come into action. For example, increasing a traffic or inviting more people to an event are completely different goals and requre different types of messages. Or when your ad is already created with a like button it is very easy to analyse whether it is appriciated or not. Such a button have a lot of websites that make a connection with socialmedia.

But the other question in this case arises:
Why is facebook and twitter and not websites? Gary Occhiogrosso, chief development officer, Trufoods LLC, has observed that the customers looked more on these pages then on the websites. The only reason that I see is that we all have on this page our relatives and friends to talk to and of course the best credibility for us is their opinion.
Even if we are out we chatting on facebook and twitter using our smartphones, iPhones or iPads. So that is a good reason for even a small eatery to have an account on these social pages, don’t you think so?


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