Hi-tech design for McDonalds.

In this post I’d like to develop and continue Lanny’s theme by adding some more new trends in the eating out industry. According to the Technomic’s research on the trends of 2012 the restaurant business will be oriented not only on healthy food but will offer more meals like pizzas and wraps instead of “breakout items taken from less-familiar global cuisines”. Some new trends will be observed in design as well. The fast food industry are going to meet some modernization.

Do you know this place?

A perfect example of it is Mcdonalds.
Thus Mcdonald’s are intending to change its inner design completely turning from red and yellow colors to more smoothing shades of them and a lot of contemporary white, leaving the red only in the special boots designed for more privacy. Is it really a family colors, may be yes, because they are not aggressive at all, little patterns of calm yellow, green and orange make the interior to look not so dull, but cheerful and natural.
On the one hand, the decision, to return to an old concept of Mcdonald’s that was intended to become a family place but then turn out in another direction, crowded place for meeting teens, is a  dangerous marketing decision.  The whole world knows and recognizes this brand this very kind of design representing its consept for mor than 70 years. Is it worth it to invest so much money in redesigning, that would mean not only completely different interior, but the different concept?  Nobody can give now the answer, but this design is accepted only in France, the country, that loves Mcdonalds the most after the USA.

On the other hand, redesigning is, as it is pointed out in Time World, just another attempt of the franchise in France to get more acceptable by French gourmets, who are so accustomed to the haute cuisine. Does it attract more customers; I’m inclining to think positive. The first reason is that here from now would come not only teens but as well the families. And being not a great fun of McDonalds, it is more pleasant for me personally to sit and enjoy the calmness of hi-tech design then aggressive primitive tone of red and yellow. Moreover, we can as well here enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend. It’s become possible also due to an innovative concept in design (stolen from Starbuck) but nevertheless successful – McCafe.

In conclusion, I’d like to notice that interior design is a great field for a discussion. It can attract more customers, support the concept or help to change it. Is it profitable or not to invest in the enormously remarkable design? What specific role does it play in branding?

So looking for answers in my another post…

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About Irina Prolubnikova

I'm going to be your personal guide in the world of IT, hi-tech innovations and their role in receiving more profit in the restaurant business. I'm not a professional, but interested in technological innovations and the aim of my research is to observe changes that can be made in the restaurant business by implementing the information technologies.

4 thoughts on “Hi-tech design for McDonalds.

  1. Hi Irina,
    I got interested in your blog post because I like fast food and I have noticed that a lot of the typical fast food restaurants have the changed their interior quite a bit.
    I appreciate the fact that you use McDonald’s as an example because everyone can relate to it.
    I tried to open the link that leads to the Technomic’s site to check out the research and gain some background knowledge but the link does not work. Therefore I tried all of the other links, none of them work. You should fix that. No big deal.
    I really like how you discuss interior design and the danger of changing it. But I would love to read more about how different colors animate or distract people. Does a green interior animate the customer to eat more salad, that bears a higher profit margin for your company? I am interested in the psychological aspect. You might consider this for your next post to push this topic even further, if you like.
    Keep me updated.

  2. Hi Irina,
    I think that you have chosen a very interesting topic. As Saskia from the foodle group has already written about colors and how they affect us, I find it very interesting to see this theory being applied on restaurants. You might want to check out this webside (http://www.2knowmyself.com/miscellaneous/Restaurant_color_psychology), which talks about how colors can make you loose your appetite. (http://restaurantinteriors.com/?tag=color-psychology . This is another webside that talks about the same topic).
    I really like the way you write and I think that you have improved over the last semester, developing a better structure for your posts. Now you just need to fix the minor details (the links for example) that Martin has already pointed out and then it will be even better. Good job!

  3. Hi Irina,
    The aspect of design in relation to a fast food restaurant is very interesting.
    I totally agree with you and the comments of Anne and Martin. A lot has changed in terms of the interior design of fast food restaurants. The most significant change recently was indeed the McCafé. It invites people to relax, hang out and enjoy some coffee. To some extent, not even thinking about leaving in the next half hour, because everything seems comfortable. I think McDonalds tried to present itself from a more attractive point of view, mixing up the range of customers to design it more classy. (Business men in suits for example)
    As I was in the states, I rather got the impression that any fast food chain followed a certain process. Providing fast food to customers that leave as soon as the food is down the throat.
    A friend told me that the interior design is concepted to be uncomfortable, not inviting the people to stay. Order, eat, leave. Free table for the next hungry customers. But does McDonalds really depend on people caring about how comfortable the seats are? Most people go there in order to eat and escape as quickly as possible.
    Another experience I made was in a Burger King restaurant. They kept playing the same music video over and over again. The most beautiful music gets annoying when set on repeat. This simply drove me nuts! They wanted to drive me crazy, so I would leave as soon as possible.
    Poor employees…
    I think re-designing fast food restaurants is a serious issue, because even though eating in a fast food restaurant, it is still eating. This should happen in a comfortable environment.

  4. Dear Irina,
    I can only agree with the others, that you chose an interesting and current topic. You are right, McDonald’s did change over the last years. Especially McCafe was a great invention from my perspective. Usually when including a McCafe into the normal McDonald’s reastaurant the rest of the interior was changed a little too, to be fitting and appearing to be out of place.

    I think, even though we are living in fast world, in every aspect, people still enjoy to sit down for a little longer than 5 minutes and with the new concept McDonald’s did something to provide that to its customers. Everyone knows that McDonald’s is a place for young kids/adults who like to hang out a little longer and discuss the latest issues.

    McCafe on the other hand is made for people who like to read a newspaper, check their mails or just drink a cup of coffee or eat a delicious brownie. So basically both parties are satisfied here.

    I agree with Anne that it was easy following your post and that you have improved your structuring and writing compared to the earlier posts.

    What I would have liked would have been a little more information concerning other restaurants since your overall topic was about interior design and not the interior design of McDonald’s.
    Here I found some genereal information on interior designs for restaurant:

    Thanks for that interesting post!

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