Looking back at the beginning of this semester, I amazingly realize the huge progresses and achievements I have made throughout this course. These progresses and achievements positively affect many different areas of my life.



Importance of Teamwork


After this course, I got a completely different understanding and perception of what it means to work in a team. I have learned that team work is much more than just working in a team. Team work is trust, relying on each other, mutual support, learning from each other. As for my soul food blog team, I also learned a lot from my team members.

Just like in the wordpress team, initially I did not have much to do with my soulfood team members. But again, team work worked pretty well in this group,too, eventhough we have 3 completely different characters.


I saw it rather as an advantage than a disadvantage as it is unbelievable how much you can learn from each other: Irina has shown me how to organize oneself, setting priorities and being hard-working. Her blog entries about the use of high-tech in the restaurant business have been of great interest to me as I also have the intention to start an own restaurant business in the future. From Timur, in turn, I learned how NOT to behave, for example to start early on and work consistently instead of procrastinating. Just like in real life, there are always good and bad people, or rather people with good and bad features. Along with my blogging team, I experienced to work and cooperate with people with such opposing traits. As a result, I could learn from both, their achievements and mistakes.


Significance of Blogging


To be honest, at the beginning I was not really enthusiastic about the idea of blogging. For me, it was purely a waste of time. However, what I would have never espected is that blogging indeed turns out to be incredibly enriching. Through blogs you can make gigantic approaches with just a small step.


Far and Near


What I especially appreciate is the fact that we were able to increase our horizones so much through blogging by learning from far (professionals) and near (collegues).

Thanks to this blogging project I had the opportunity to read about many different topics and therewith found out what really interested me. For example, I found out that psycholgical issues, such as my collegue’s article about intro and extroverts, has been of great interest to me.


From A to B


Where am I now (point A)? Where do I want to be (point B)?

A further georgous Aha-effect I gained is the certainty that I want to specify either in Marketing or Human Resources Management. Moreover, while writing my blog posts about the actual restaurant business, sushi, bubble tea, etc. I became aware of my deep desire to start an own small restaurant business sometime.


Importance of Feedbacks

I highly appreciate sincere feedbacks as they always help me to improve. The comments I got for my blog post for example have always been very useful to me. Through criticism I knew what I should do better the next time, questions show me what readers are actually interested in, and compliments and praises finally give me the confirmation that my hard work was worthwhile.


How to make life easier


I learned that proper note taking is very important and safes a lot of time in the future.


I love Evernote!


Getting to know Evernote is one of the greatest outcome of this course. Whereas at the beginning of this semester I have never heard of it before, now at the end of the semester, I can’t imagine to live without this amazing application. I use Evernote to store uni material as well as my private stuff. It makes my life so much easier.


Ask Google!

The last but not least mentionable Aha-effect is to know that Google knows the answer to everything!



Put it in a nutshell


To resume, I have learned so much in such a short period of time and I have managed to do things I woud have never thought I could ever do. Especially, I am very proud of my reaction posts and blog entries which are denoted as excellent by fellow bloggers. The great care and real time investment in our blogging project seems to be really worth it as I now master the post editor, linking, and design attributes. I am profoundly convinced that I really managed to fulfill almost all the criteria of the first column of Dr. Spear’s evaluation rubric in terms of site design, collective work, self presentation, post design, search, world, engage professional debate, critical evaluation and comments. I thank my collegues and above all Mr Spear for these achievements. 

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About Lanny

Hi There! I am Lan Anh Nguyen ("Lanny"), 21, born and raised in lovely Berlin. As my name reveals, I am of Vietnamese origin. After finishing my A-levels in 2010, I went "back to my roots" and spent 5 months in Vietnam where I did an internship at the Sales&Marketing Department of VinaCapital Ltd., one of Vietnam's current leading investment funds. In addition, I worked at the German Center as a volunteer to introduce the German language and culture to Vietnamese people, and furthermore, I participated in a social program where I gave free English classes to children in need. This time period was very special to me, as I had the opportunity to get in touch with many different people from all walks of life- learned from experiences of big bosses to regular workers to orphans from the street. By getting to know their different goals, desires and perceptions of the world, I was able to hugely broaden my horizon and strengthen my own character. Besides my passion for music and cooking, I love traveling and have special interest in foreign languages and economics. Now I am a second semester student of the International Business Management program at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. As the international and intercultural content of this business study program perfectly matches my interests and talents, I am enjoying it a lot. Moreover, I am profoundly convinced that this program will enable me excellent opportunities for an international business career I am striving for in the future.

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