Welcome to our Soul Food Blog!

You love Cooking and Eating? You are looking for new Culinary Experiences? Or do You even have the intention to start up your own Restaurant Business in the future? If that’s true, this blog absolutely fits to You! Welcome to our soul food blog – a platform to turn for great food advice, restaurant reviews, cooking, food news and recipes that work in the real world. In addition, this blog will also focus on different important aspects of the restaurant business, such as Marketing and Informational Technology, including the role they play in this very business. Last but not least, we will also have a look on the ethics of consumption which is still too often neglected.Enjoy!

Soul Food Mind Map

Your Soulfood Specialists:


Irina- is going to be your personal guide in the world of IT and  hi-tech innovation in restaurant business. Her aim is to observe  changes that can be made in the restaurant business implementing the information technologies. Does it bring more profit and make one restaurant more competetive then another one or is it simply  worthless to invest in. She will research on this very topic and present you the most successful up-to-day restaurant businesses.

Lanny – our Marketing-Expert.  Having worked for several restaurants since she was 17, Lanny knows only too well the food service and catering industry. Furthermore, having accomplished an internship at the Sales&Marketing department of VinaCapital Ltd., one of Vietnam’s current leading investment funds, she is having personal experience in Marketing and will introduce us extremely interesting articles about this area.

Lanny's Tree Diagram

Timur  –  is going to have a more general perspective on the soulfood topic. He will have a look on common consumer behavior concerning food. Do we get what we want, do we know what we get? Is our way of consuming reasonable respectively sustainable? Is an unrestricted competitive market in the nutrition business beneficial? These and more questions will be researched and hopefully answered in order to figure out where we and our values are going.                   



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