Lanny’s Aha-Effects

My “aha” experience was finding the proper issues to write about in this blog. A very difficult obstacle was to find an adequate way to link our great interest for food with social media, marketing, IT and corporate social responsibility, without neglecting business issues as this is about a project in our business applications class. After clarifying the name of our “Soul-food” Blog, some positive reactions, motivated me to keep on working into this direction.

When preparing for the second blog entry and writing the report on my preparation work, I found many different topics, from bubble tea business initiatives to new food business trends to recent technology applications for food, such as “Evernote food”. This was very helpful as I now know what to write about and how to proceed in the next weeks. Another outstanding AHA effect I got was when Mr Spear has given a helpful comment and even took my report as a model in class. That made me aware of the things which were already well-done and also of the aspects I could have done better. For example, I learned how to make a scientific approach towards finding the proper topics. In particular, I noticed that size does not always matter as short but clear-structured keywords sometimes can be even more productive and powerful. At the same time, however, I learned from Viola’s introductory blogpost how I could have done it differently but of course not less productive, namely through story-telling. Aha! Telling a story was also a great way to report!

Now I am looking forward to gain more aha-effects along with this project. Thank you colleagues, thank you Mr Spear for these experiences.

Irina’s “aha-effect”

To be sincere, when I started to work on this blog, I did not have a slight idea to what it is going to lead. It was just an interesting theme for me – food, as for Lanny and Timur. So we found each other. And then step by step in a discussion we came to a decision that we are going to inspect the food industry, not the production of it, but the way in which people enjoy it – the restaurant business. So it was the birth of the name of our blog – food for soul or the soulfood. That was a kind of “aha-effect” for me personally, to find such an interesting topic that can connect you with business industry, to allow you to make research and introduces you to the specific fields.

My second “aha-effect” and the most important one came to me during my research work. From the beginning it was a kind of challenge to find the material and sort it out for my post. There were such a bunch of information on the interenet, and looking for something specific, I bumped every time into new and new aspects of restaurant business, such as design, marketing and branding, hi-tech innovations, some interesting and amazing restaurants. And then I started to use evernote – that program helped me to sort the things out. The more I wrote and searched the less confused I was about what exactly I’d like to write, the more concentrated I was getting on my topic for a week post, leaving aside extra material, but not forgetting it, just putting it in my evernote. If you know how to select the material, how organise your own way of work, you will end up with good results.


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