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Before my next post I want to do a little announcement that refers to my recent posts.

As I continued informing myself more intensively about the topics I already introduced to our blog I acknowledged a very interesting event that is going to take place here. Exactly the problems and concerns I mentioned will be treated

There is a march going on in Berlin promoting farms instead of ‘meat production plants’.                                                 It starts at the central station Berlin at 11:30 on the 21th of January. The 20th the EU agricultural commissioner will be present at the ICC and answering questions of the protestors.

 I would recommend you to have a look at this event if you are interested into what is going on behind the scenes.

I will try to go there myself to show that I care about what I am not supposed to know: the production of our daily – bread meat.

 Take care!


Dear followers!

Still remember the update from my latest post I did some days ago?

I want to complete this post with a little intellectual game concerning corporate (social) responsibility. Doing my researches I had to ask myself quite often who to blame for all those (economic) wrongs, legal abuses and lacks of dignity in almost every corner of our everyday life.

I know I can’t solve and/ or discuss all the problems we have in one single blog post. Therefore I’m going to limit it to the fundamental ideas I thought about. The topic of my last post – animal abuse (tethered housing with respect to large-scale livestock farming) gave me the right incentive to start this discussion of principles about economic behavior.

Starting my discussion, I assume that nobody likes torturing animals. Based on this assumption there can be only one reason for this bad state of affairs => MONEY.

Homo oeconomicus?        

        … the average human certainly

A consumer who has the choice between two similar seeming products will pick the cheaper one. This is one of the principles of consumption our economy is based on. Due to that we develop competition, ambition and advancement. Therefore you can’t blame ANYONE for following this principle – not even if purchasers would know under what circumstances cheap products are produced.

“There is no such thing as a free lunch”

…there is also not such a thing as a cheap product!

Our discount is paid at the cost of mankind and environment – no matter if its milk, meat, clothes or toys. The fact that consumers are deceived by advertisement and that background information about questionable products are quite complex to investigate is a whole other topic and will be disregarded in this post.

Don’t get me wrong, I respect people who inform themselves about various goods they consume and consume accordingly. But not everybody has got the time and/ or the money to consume the way he would like to.

Moving on to producers: Is it their responsibility to produce sustainably and ethical reasonable?                      As much as I would like to say ‘yes’ the answer is ‘NO’. As long as they don’t break the law producers should maximize their effectiveness and profitability.

From the economic point of view a more effective production (no matter at whose cost – unfortunately) will drive competition, that is not able to adapt, out of the market in the long run.                                                         Therefore ethics play a subordinate role in order to survive in a competition based economy.

Now there is only one faction left to draw the shortest straw: the state.                                               According to my opinion only the state (reasonable, competent, democratically elected) can be entrusted with the responsibility and DUTY to create guidelines that ensure a reasonable, sustainable and TRANSPARENT economy that is clean of exploitation of humans and environment, consumer deception and child labor.

Either utopia is not profitable or lobbyism, corruption and blindness won’t let us get out of this mess.             But I am confident things will get better, slowly but surely we will must recognize that only sustainability and the wealth of the many not the few will bring us forward to JOINTLY meet the challenges of the future.

In a nutshell:

The only obligation we have is to follow the written law, moral is optional in a free market economy.

Wealth must be spread instead of bundled. Any chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Modesty and sustainability instead of decadence and opulence!!


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Promo vs Reality (Part I) – Meat

Last week when I visited a random fast food restaurant I had one of these big, juicy, tasty burgers. Enjoying my meal I started to think about what exactly I was eating. So I took the decision to research where meat for Hamburgers comes from and how mass production is handled in order to feed millions of customers every day.

Like anybody else I have heard a lot too about animal abusing in the “meat production process” but I never really faced up to it. So let’s do just a little video research to get some impressions…

Ok honestly, that is not what I expected.

So let’s do a little research to get deeper into the topic.

There is a very interesting organization – foodwatch – that takes a closer look on a bunch of marketing campaigns of different enterprises.

So for example on the let’s call it ‘happy-cows-on-green-meadow’ campaign by McDonald’s.



In their video they point out that reality may be far away from the image video.                                             The ‘quality scout’ who is supposed to proof the quality of the McDonald’s meat production is a paid lawyer and nobody else who is not directly linked to the business is allowed to even set foot on the farm. Foodwatch also believes that animals from other countries are delivered to this farm to be butchered there in order to avoid German farming guidelines and beat down the price even more?

This is obviously a case of consumer deception. There is so much stuff on the web that shows how cruel animals are treated that one could easily consider turn vegetarian.

I don’t want to have this stuff on our blog because it is just too tough.                                                         The so called ‘tethered housing’ is one of the very common farming method.                                                The animal or shell I say the ‘meat lump’ is tied up and forced to stand all its life long in a 1m*2m prison till it gets killed. This causes illness of the joints and unbelievable torture.

This is effectiveness of meat production pushed to the limit.

In an interview a McDonald’s manager was confronted with those facts. He underlined that the McDonald’s buys just about 4% of the beef production (in Germany), and therefore they wouldn’t have sufficient influence to really change the way of meat production.








We as consumers have the choice to either choose unethical decadence or reasonable modesty.

I don’t necessarily want you to become vegetarian but I urge YOU to think about what you eat and where it comes from. Is it possible to produce 1 kilo of meat according to the standards you would like to support by buing this product?

Maximizing profits, the basic guideline of every business has to be ignored when dignity of humans or animals is threatened.

Soon I’ll present you a supplementary post concerning the following question: who is responsible for a reasonable production: consumer, producer, government?




First steps: Introducing my part on our blog soulfood

I am going to have a more general perspective on the  soulfood blog. I will have a look on common consumer   behavior concerning food.

As everybody has his own area of interest in our blog “Soulfood” I have mine. As you certainly guessed everything will focus on food and what is linked to it.

My posts will mainly treat all these uncomfortable truths  we all sometimes have heard of or suspect but never deeply think about because it´s just uncomfortable.

Food doesn´t just feeds our bodies, but also our souls. As human beings we have a great awareness of what is right or wrong – of what is tolerable. Our common sense and our conscience guide us.

Do we get what we want, do  we know what we get?

My posts will criticize common consumption behavior und remind you of what economic competition in the nutrition business can lead to.

Marketing versus reality, corporate social responsibility versus profitability, quality versus mass production, what necessary evil do we have to take facing a population of 7 bn people… just to mention a few thoughts that just came to my mind.

Admittedly I also expect myself to change my consumer behavior as the blogging and my research progresses. I also am a little afraid about what I´m going to find out…

But what the heck…

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