Looking back at the beginning of this semester, I amazingly realize the huge progresses and achievements I have made throughout this course. These progresses and achievements positively affect many different areas of my life.



Importance of Teamwork


After this course, I got a completely different understanding and perception of what it means to work in a team. I have learned that team work is much more than just working in a team. Team work is trust, relying on each other, mutual support, learning from each other. As for my soul food blog team, I also learned a lot from my team members.

Just like in the wordpress team, initially I did not have much to do with my soulfood team members. But again, team work worked pretty well in this group,too, eventhough we have 3 completely different characters.


I saw it rather as an advantage than a disadvantage as it is unbelievable how much you can learn from each other: Irina has shown me how to organize oneself, setting priorities and being hard-working. Her blog entries about the use of high-tech in the restaurant business have been of great interest to me as I also have the intention to start an own restaurant business in the future. From Timur, in turn, I learned how NOT to behave, for example to start early on and work consistently instead of procrastinating. Just like in real life, there are always good and bad people, or rather people with good and bad features. Along with my blogging team, I experienced to work and cooperate with people with such opposing traits. As a result, I could learn from both, their achievements and mistakes.


Significance of Blogging


To be honest, at the beginning I was not really enthusiastic about the idea of blogging. For me, it was purely a waste of time. However, what I would have never espected is that blogging indeed turns out to be incredibly enriching. Through blogs you can make gigantic approaches with just a small step.


Far and Near


What I especially appreciate is the fact that we were able to increase our horizones so much through blogging by learning from far (professionals) and near (collegues).

Thanks to this blogging project I had the opportunity to read about many different topics and therewith found out what really interested me. For example, I found out that psycholgical issues, such as my collegue’s article about intro and extroverts, has been of great interest to me.


From A to B


Where am I now (point A)? Where do I want to be (point B)?

A further georgous Aha-effect I gained is the certainty that I want to specify either in Marketing or Human Resources Management. Moreover, while writing my blog posts about the actual restaurant business, sushi, bubble tea, etc. I became aware of my deep desire to start an own small restaurant business sometime.


Importance of Feedbacks

I highly appreciate sincere feedbacks as they always help me to improve. The comments I got for my blog post for example have always been very useful to me. Through criticism I knew what I should do better the next time, questions show me what readers are actually interested in, and compliments and praises finally give me the confirmation that my hard work was worthwhile.


How to make life easier


I learned that proper note taking is very important and safes a lot of time in the future.


I love Evernote!


Getting to know Evernote is one of the greatest outcome of this course. Whereas at the beginning of this semester I have never heard of it before, now at the end of the semester, I can’t imagine to live without this amazing application. I use Evernote to store uni material as well as my private stuff. It makes my life so much easier.


Ask Google!

The last but not least mentionable Aha-effect is to know that Google knows the answer to everything!



Put it in a nutshell


To resume, I have learned so much in such a short period of time and I have managed to do things I woud have never thought I could ever do. Especially, I am very proud of my reaction posts and blog entries which are denoted as excellent by fellow bloggers. The great care and real time investment in our blogging project seems to be really worth it as I now master the post editor, linking, and design attributes. I am profoundly convinced that I really managed to fulfill almost all the criteria of the first column of Dr. Spear’s evaluation rubric in terms of site design, collective work, self presentation, post design, search, world, engage professional debate, critical evaluation and comments. I thank my collegues and above all Mr Spear for these achievements. 


Outline: How I prepared for my upcoming blog entry

When starting to work on the blog entry due to the week of 20th december, I already had some ideas in mind: Initially, I thought of either keep on researching on marketing of bubble tea or, in accordance with the actual christmas season, searching for some nice baking recipes, or presenting some ethic issues to “feed our soul” (as our blog -not without good reason- is called “soul food”).

However, as I wanted to be up-to-date and get some more inspiration and alternatives for my next article, I followed my professor’s advice to type in our general topic “food” into google, searching for “blogs” of the “last 24 hours”.

Here’s a “quick and dirty” outline briefly explaining my process of preparing for the next blog entry, based on the method “ON THE TRANSPARENCY OF SEARCH, SOURCE AND ARGUMENT”:

  • First, I typed “food” on google, set “blogs” of “last 24 hours”
  • headline: Remember The Food and Meals You Love With Evernote immediately caught my eye, opened the link on my browser
  • opened a new link and another link on new taps to get more information
  • copied relevant links into evernote and took notes
  • Then, I saw another headline which also rose my interest: Food Industry Trends: Food Business Trends
  • I opened the link in a new browser, read through the coming food trends presented
  • especially liked the idea of the potato-, juice-, healthy eatings- and appetizer-business
  • opened a new browser for each of the business ideas, searched for more relevant information
  • widened/ narrowed my research accordingly, took notes, saved everything on Evernote
  • As I still can’t stop letting off the initial intention of referring to the current christmas season, I opened a new browser, searched for “christmas mentality” of last 7 days’ blogs on google.
  • when typing christmas into search bar, suggestion “christmas mental health” was given by google which I eventually took over
  • saw headlines: CHRISTMAS ISN’T ALWAYS COMFORTABLEHave A Healthy Merry Christmas and The Dark Side Of Christmasopened pages on new taps
  • copied links into Evernote, took notes of main statements

Voilà, there I got a bunch of different ideas and great research results and now, I am perfectly equipped for the next articles. Stay tuned for my upcoming blog posts! 😉

Soul food?!


Subsequent to Timur’s introductory blog entry, I would also like to do some kind of Introduction into this Blog before starting with my actual analytical blog entries. In the following, I am going to explain to you why we have decided to give our blog the name soul food.

Why food?

When Irina, Timur, and I were thinking about a proper theme for our blog, we realized that there was one outstanding thing all three of us had in common: We all have a deep passion for food!

Why soul food?

As food in general is a very wide spread topic, we had to look for a blog name which on the one hand sounds interesting and mysterious to catch your attention, and on the other hand fits to the core content of this Blog.

What is meant by soul food?

Even though everyone at least has a certain association with the term „soul food“, not many of us know what soulfood exactly means. If you type „soulfood“ into google, you will mainly learn about soul food as a selection of the traditional Black American cuisine („soul“ was originally used to describe the African-American culture).


In this case, however, we are going to use the term soul food in a different context:

Soul food is basically food for our soul. As a matter of fact, we do not only fill our stomach with food to satisfy our hunger, but to survive, it is also essential to feed our soul with information, insights, perceptions, love, emotions, thoughts and values…

First steps: Introducing my part on our blog soulfood

I am going to have a more general perspective on the  soulfood blog. I will have a look on common consumer   behavior concerning food.

As everybody has his own area of interest in our blog “Soulfood” I have mine. As you certainly guessed everything will focus on food and what is linked to it.

My posts will mainly treat all these uncomfortable truths  we all sometimes have heard of or suspect but never deeply think about because it´s just uncomfortable.

Food doesn´t just feeds our bodies, but also our souls. As human beings we have a great awareness of what is right or wrong – of what is tolerable. Our common sense and our conscience guide us.

Do we get what we want, do  we know what we get?

My posts will criticize common consumption behavior und remind you of what economic competition in the nutrition business can lead to.

Marketing versus reality, corporate social responsibility versus profitability, quality versus mass production, what necessary evil do we have to take facing a population of 7 bn people… just to mention a few thoughts that just came to my mind.

Admittedly I also expect myself to change my consumer behavior as the blogging and my research progresses. I also am a little afraid about what I´m going to find out…

But what the heck…

post sources:

Welcome to our Soul-Food-Blog!

Welcome to our Soul Food Blog!

You love Cooking and Eating? You are looking for new Culinary Experiences? Or do You even have the intention to start up your own Restaurant Business in the future? If that’s true, this Blog absolutely fits to You! Welcome to our Soul Food Blog – a platform to turn for great food advice, restaurant reviews, cooking, food news and recipes that work in the real world. In addition, this blog will also focus on different important aspects of the restaurant business, such as Marketing and Informational Technology, including the role they play in this very business. Last but not least, we will also have a look on the ethics of consumption which is still too often neglected…

Your Soulfood Specialists:


Irina is going to be your personal guide in the world of IT and hi-tech innovation in the restaurant business. Her aim is to observe changes that can be made through implementing new information technologies. Does it bring more profit and make one restaurant more competetive then another or is it simply worthless to invest in. She will research on this very topic and present you the most successful up-to-date restaurant businesses.

Lanny – our Marketing-Expert.  Having worked for several restaurants since she was 17, Lanny knows only too well the food service and catering industry. Furthermore, having accomplished an internship at the Sales&Marketing department of VinaCapital Ltd., one of Vietnam’s current leading investment funds, she is having personal experience in Marketing and will introduce us extremely interesting articles about this area. In particular,  many of her articles will be based on Bubble Tea as she is aware of its topicality and once even had the intention to start a Bubble Tea business herself.

Timur is going to have a more general perspective on the soulfood topic. He will have a look on common consumer behavior concerning food. Do we get what we want, do we know what we get? Is our way of consuming reasonable respectively sustainable? Is an unrestricted competitive market in the nutrition business beneficial? These and more questions will be researched and hopefully answered in order to figure out where we and our values are going.