Emenu or restaurants are going high-tech.

Could you imagine yourself coming in an ordinary restaurant and being offered instead of an ordinary paper menu an iPad? A dream? Nowadays it is becoming a reality. A new technology, introduced by Steve Jobs, is getting its special place in a restaurant business. Is it going to replace old blackboards and paper menus we are all so used to or it’s just the waste of money which is hardly seemed to be paid off? Like an every innovative technology e-menu is examined by restaurants founders mostly critically. An overview of the numbers only submits this point: only 2 percent of restaurants use it now and they can be easily enumerated by names.
The “Mundo Global Tapas” in Sydney – to be considered being the pioneer in replacement paper menus by emenus offering their visitors an iPad.

Inamo in London is one step forward by implementing the digital tables, where a custormer can not only order the items but also choose the table clothes, play interactive games while waiting for the order or listen to the music.

NY’s “4food” – an interactive burger restaurant, where you not only order but creat your own dishes via iPad, smartphone or just at home. And if your creation is successful and ordered by someone else, you are credited. Not so bad, isn’t it?
And Germany doesn’t stay aside. In Munich and Düsseldorf the chain “LaBarocca” also attracts their customers with touchpads. According to the newspaper “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” 1 mil. euro was invested in the development of software.
Is it worth?
From the customer’s point of view, it is really entertaining to choose the dishes via iPad. There are always the appropriate photos to all of them that makes the ordering more interesting. Secondly, it is amazing to spend the waiting time interactively, which is reduced as well. There is no need to wait for the waitress to come.
And as for the owners of restaurants, there can be not less but even more advantages of implementing the emenu. The very first one is increasing in revenues and sales. It is supported by the attraction of all categories of customers and by easy system of ordering. For example, when the wine is ordered the customers have an opportunity to read all about exact sort of it without waiting for a waitress. Secondly, emenu offers the better option for payment, the secure one. Moreover if changes in menu pricelist are made it is much easier and cheeper to provide them. With old paper menu an owner has to give out more for the reprinting.
And of course the system of digital menu provides easily central management, what amount of what kind of dishes to what category of customers are sold. This determination has as well the impact on profit for example whether to include some items on the menu or not.
So the restaurants are gong hi-tech and the main innovation in this business is introduction of iPads in every day eating out, so in this connection and to conclude my first post I’d like to ask you a question, I have started with – Do you think the emenu is going to replace in the future the paper one?
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